Why Indigenous people don’t vote when it comes to “Colonial Politics”

Nations that are Indigenous are ruling their own nations. To be Anishinaabe means that one has committed itself to this truth.

Nations of the Indigenous people don’t really mind voting for a system that is based on killing the life of cultural groups along with policies that are building Canada at present.

Several treaties with the Indigenous communities have made Canada in debt to them. To be free of that debt, Canadians must adopt their ways, and most of the Indigenous people have fallen for that trap. This has tricked many of the Indigenous people until reinstating their original and traditional system of governance have been neglected. This is not truly what the people need in these times of crisis.

As John A. Macdonald expressed in his quotation: “We must take the Indian out of the child to solve the Indian problem”. This is a continued practice as it has been ingrained in people’s thoughts. This in return, also became another debt issue for Canada. The colonial political parties are trying to be free from the debt in any way.

The truth is, both parties are shifting the blame to the outcome of the treaty with what it was meant to be, and not what Canada made it as what it is now.

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