10 Ways to Improve Male Libido

Your libido can fluctuate over time. Low sex drive can happen to anyone at some point in life. Factors such as hormone fluctuations, stress, and age can lead to low libido.

Low libido means that someone is not fascinated by sex. Medications such as pills recommended by mens journal are considered to improve male libido for those experiencing reduced sexual connection.

However, there are also natural ways.

1. Control Anxiety

If you are anxious, it is hard to get sexually aroused. Various anxiety disorders may affect your sexual dysfunction. To reduce your anxiety and increase your sex drive consider getting therapy, meditating, or taking anti-anxiety medication.

2. Get sufficient sleep

Having a good night’s sleep leads to a good and happy day. If you experience sleep disorders, you may have health issues which include low sex drive. How you sleep helps the body decide when to release the hormones associated with sex.

3. Engage in physical exercises

Regular physical activities can lead to an increase in satisfying orgasms, continuous sexual activity, and sufficient erectile function. Some exercises you can engage in include; yoga, weight lifting, cardio, and pelvic floor exercises.

Exercises increase blood flow into your genitals, leads to a good mood, and improves cardiovascular health. In turn, this improves your libido.

4. Take libido-boosting foods.

Foods that can enhance libido include;

  • Foods rich in zinc such as red meat and oysters. They regulate stamina and testosterone.
  • Stamina boosters such as legumes and whole grains.
  • Flavonoid foods such as pepper, citrus, cocoa, and tea. They deter sexual dysfunction.

These foods push you to think more about sex.

5. Avoid foods decreasing libido

Foods that reduce sex drive are known as anaphrodisiacs. They contain nutrients that reduce your urge to have sex. They include;

  • High sodium. It increases blood pressure.
  • Soy leads to more estrogen production
  • High saturated fats lead to reduced blood flow.

6. Plan a date night

If you are in a relationship, consider planning a date night with your partner. Long-term relationships are mostly affected as couples focus on their plans and forget their own sexual desires. Going on a date will help increase intimacy and fascinate more about sexual activities.

7. Manage Depression

Depression affects your sex drive negatively. It leads to sexual dysfunction. You can manage depression by getting treatment through natural healing ways, medication, or therapy.

8. Reduce alcohol intake and other substances

Alcohol and other drugs can affect your libido negatively. Alcohol can reduce the flow of blood and affect the functioning of various organs essential to sexual activities. Recreational drugs can make you feel good but can later affect your sex drive.

9. Maintain your weight

Low sex drive can be caused by being overweight. Obesity leads to low testosterone concentrations that affect a man’s desire to have sex. Moderate weight will help improve male libido.

10. Book for sex therapy

Therapy will help you deal with psychological and emotional problems. The counselor will address your self-esteem, negative perspectives about sex, and issues causing low libido.


Sex drive in men is associated with testosterone levels which can decrease due to age or natural factors. Dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety and living a healthy life will enhance your libido. Therefore, having sufficient levels of testosterone will improve male libido.

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