How to Make Vaping More Eco-Friendly

You can help the environment in many ways when you vape. How? By making changes such as picking the right device, recycling, and knowing when to charge your battery among many others. Continue reading to know how you can practice sustainability in vaping.

Avoiding Disposable Vapes

Because the non-rebuildable atomizers are disposable and sealed for disposable vape pens, this means more waste is produced and more expenses for after-use disposal. The good thing is that there are many reusable and affordable vape pens available.

Aside from saving the environment, you can also save more money. You just have to dispose of or recycle old coils properly. You can also make your rebuildable coils. Since all you’ll be needing are cotton and a new wire, you will be producing less waste.

Opting for Organic Vape Juice

E-liquids have flavoring, water, glycol-based material, and nicotine. Organic vape juices have VG or vegetable glycerin. Inorganic vape juices have PG or propylene glycol and synthetic material. VG is derived from vegetables. The liquids are considered organic if the vegetables follow the standards for proper growing and processing.

This is helpful for the environment since it helps reduce pollution from production and lessens waste dumped in landfills since biodegradable materials are utilized.

Using a Vape Battery

Recharging a battery means fewer resources are needed to produce it. Frequently changing batteries is bad for the environment because exhausted batteries go to landfills.

If you want to be more sustainable and save more money, you should consider purchasing a lasting battery. Lithium-ion batteries are very dangerous to the environment and the process of making these can negatively affect the ecosystem.

Using Glass Cartridges

It’s best to use glass instead of plastic cartridges because petroleum, which is a non-renewable resource, is used to create plastic parts. Though they’re safe from heat, dangerous chemical compounds are still released when plastic is exposed to heat.

Glass is a sustainable resource. So, it doesn’t have any harmful ingredients that can go into waterways or landfills like plastics. Glass can also be recycled repeatedly without the breakdown of harmful chemicals.

Practicing Proper Disposal of Non-Recyclable Parts

This means you can’t just throw vape parts since they contain toxic components. You have to be careful when disposing of your batteries, coils, and e-liquids. For the non-recyclable parts, you can try breaking these apart and recycling the parts separately.

Purchasing Local E-Liquids and Parts

In the past years, the vape industry has grown fast. But the resource for producing vapes are limited. So, when you buy local vape products, transportation expenses and environmental effects can be cut down. Waste is also reduced because there’s no need to ship materials to different parts of the world.

Even though vapes are less dangerous than cigarettes, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t affect the environment. Doing your part and choosing what’s better for the environment when you vape can make a lot of difference.

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