Selling T-shirts online on Amazon is one of the best side gigs

Do you want to make extra cash by doing something on the side? Selling custom t shirt on amazon will earn you good money. Custom t-shirts will even earn you more cash if you identify the correct target customers. Amazon has simplified provisions that will make your work easy and at the same time increase your earning.


Merch has some benefits because they perform 90% of the work for the seller. It saves money because it reduces the cost of starting your own apparel business. You also don’t have to worry about the production and shipping of your customized t-shirts. As the amazon help you with technicalities, you will have the time to work in discovering more appealing designs.

Getting Traffic

You will probably experience difficulties trying to get traffic to your site but using your amazon will be easy since it already has traffic. Amazon currently has more sales in clothes that the other online gigs. This means you will likely have more sales than any other site. This means that you will easily sell your products without worrying about how to develop and design websites and consequently create traffic. You will instantly sell your products.


You will earn money for each t-shirt you sell depending on the amount of listing. At the start, you might have limited upload where a specific cap s set. You can start slowly although you might not sell many products due to the limited upload. Nevertheless, you will be able to sell more t-shirts as you increase our cap.

Once you start selling your t-shirts, it can take time before you realize the result but as you get to experience design and selling tips, you will make more sales.

Choose your favorite niche 

Are you familiar with a specific niche? Make sure to exploit it. Do some research to understand what other people are doing in that niche. See if their friends or people you know in that niche and engage them in learning more. You will be surprised by how much information you can get from these people.

Get a design to do the work of designing your t-shirt

If you are not a good designer or do not have enough time, get some to do the work for you. You can easily get designers from online platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and freelancers.

Learn from other sellers

Many sellers tend to share their experience with what they have done on Amazon. Several people have written on how they have sold many t-shirts on amazon stating that they started with few t-shirts and grew to sell thousands. These stories are motivating especially if you are about to start selling your products. In addition to the gig, you can add Facebook ads that will make your products known. Once you start selling make sure you maintain the discipline to earn good ratings. This will play a big role in determining the route your business will take in the future.

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