Endangered Species All across Canada

WWF of Canada on their “Living Planet Report” stated that the wildlife population in Canada had declined since 1970. About 903 endangered species decreased in number, that is an average of 83%. A lot of factors have contributed to this problem and the activities of humans are included in those factors. Here are a few selected places in the country that has endangered species in them:

British Columbia

British Columbia is where most grizzly bears can be found. Their numbers have lowered down due to the deliberate killing of people from the area. For the reason that there is “human/bear conflict”, 389 of these species have perished in the hands of humans in a span of 9 years.

Even though there are regulations concerning trophy hunting, these bears have been completely extinct in places like Vancouver, Kelowna, and Kamloops.

Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba

This is where the Greater Prairie-Chicken had lived in previous times as it needs about 5,000 hectares of land to increase its population. Sad to say, these chickens have completely vanished in this area. At present, they can only be found in some parts of the U.S.

Northern Alberta and Northwest Areas of the South

The Wood Buffalo National Park is where Whooping Cranes can breed on their own. They were almost extirpated during the 1940s and now are considered as endangered. Their population remains sensitive with 300 Cranes presently thriving in the Park.

There are still places in Canada where endangered species live such as Quebec where the Cooper redhorse fish, Atlantic-Gaspésie woodland, and Blanding’s Turtles are found. Blanding’s turtles’ population are isolated in Nova Scotia.

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