Dogs Shouldn’t Die On their Own

Rescue involves having resources and the right goals. The primary goal is to save dogs as much as a rescuing team can handle. Making a decision can be a dilemma when it comes to a senior dog.

According to the experts, Rescuing a senior dog will need more of a rescuer’s time and finances. With that in mind, let me share to you a story about a dog rescued by Redemption paws.

Several people do have some kind of affection for these dogs, yet most of them deny a senior dog for “financial reasons”. They unknowingly are saying that they will care for their dogs only until they become old and hard to finance. Thankfully, this wasn’t the case for a dog named Rooney.

Rooney was saved by Redemption paws and was adopted by a kind-hearted person-who gave him the name. He was brought to the clinic before he was adopted. After his check-up, it was surprisingly discovered that he was almost 15 yrs. old.

In the care of the rescuers, Rooney had a hard time eating, descending the stairs, and he also often hit his head on walls. Then it was found out by the vet that Rooney had a strong sarcoma on his leg. The truth was, he was slowly dying.

Rooney was adopted by his new parents because his life was already short. He died at their arms giving him all the love he needed during his last days and even in his last breath.

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