Signals of Fire

As you hike past the Pacific Crest Trail of Oregon, you can see the Columbia River which is the home of many different salmon species. The trail also includes a rich group of plants that are native such as the calypso orchids, trillium, Oregon anemones and more. The moss in this trail was as deep as 12 inches, but that was just history. Presently, it’s just starting to regrow after a calamity.

On the year 2017, a blaze started to ignite the Columbia River passage located at Eagle Creek. The fire developed from there on and lasted for about 12 weeks. The fire continued to grow until a large smoke was growing upwards from the Creek according to Jessica Bennett – who was the Fire Chief of Cascade Locks.

Bennett’s team- Rebecca German who was a firefighter and a paramedic, plus some volunteers prepared themselves for a difficult encounter. They weren’t actually there to fight with fire, but to save hikers who were there at the moment. Bennett’s team didn’t reach the hikers but thankfully the “Forest Service” was able to save 140 people and guided them away from where the fire was. Surprisingly, the fire grew by 3000 acres that night.

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